Who's In Charge

Lay Leadership, Staff, & Pastor

Heather Bonin

Office Manager

Heather Bonin is our Office Manager.  She is the one who keeps the gears moving in the “perpetual motion machine” we call our church.      

Kevin Bonin 

our Lay Leader

Kevin serves as the voice of the congregation at-large in various committee meetings.

Kim Dunker

Lay Delegate to Annual Conference.

Kim attends the annual meeting of all the United Methodist Churches in our conference (The Great Plains Annual Conference, this includes Nebraska and Kansas).  Because of her role, she also sits on several committees.

Heidi Farmer

the chair of our Board of Trustees.

Heidi's job is to ensure that the board tends to the physical needs of our building and property.

Doug Griger

 our pastor

He is the one who tries to keep all the different plates of ministry spinning atop   the poles.

Angie Hafer

our building custodian

Angie makes sure that things are ready for worship, weddings, funerals, and any other type of event that may be going on at any given time.

Melissa Houchin

our organist and accompanist for the chancel choir

Melissa helps everyone stay on beat and in tune as we sing praises to God.

Ben Kaye-Skinner

our praise band director

Ben keeps our praise band in tune and in time. 

Christin Lovegrove

The chair of our Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Christin oversees the group charged with maintaining job descriptions, setting salaries, and all things human-resources related. 

Sherri PospisiL

 the chair of our Finance Committee.

Sherri keeps tabs on all things related to the finances of the church.

Jeff Schwarz 

our choir director

Jeff ensures that our choir continues to make a joyful noise to the Lord.

Megan Burda

the chair of our Church Council

Megan keeps the meetings running smoothly when we gather to discuss matters before us.

Melanie weiss

director of our daycare - Sowing Seeds academy

Melanie is in charge of making sure all of the little ones in our care are well cared for.