Where We've Been

1885 Building

The Rev. George W. Gue was the first resident Methodist preacher in the county.  He was appointed to Fillmore County to organize a circuit.  He arrived in the early summer of 1871 and preached the first sermon in Fairmont in the new Burlington railroad station.  Rev. Gue also made arrangements to build a church seven miles south of Fairmont, probably on Turkey Creek, where he preached during the winter of 1871/1872.
The history of the Methodist Church in the Geneva area predates the organization of Fillmore County and of the city of Geneva.  The first official record of any Methodist work in the county was the appointment of the Rev. W. P. Grantham to the Saline Circuit, April 2, 1870.  This circuit embraced the southern half of Saline County, part of Gage and Johnson Counties, and all of Fillmore County.  

Although the church was never built, this group of people later became the Methodist Church of Geneva.  The first mention of an official Methodist Church in Geneva dates to 1875, which is the year we use as our "birthday".  Initially, worship was held at the courthouse, but a building was soon constructed in our current location - on the corner of 10th and H Streets.  In 1885, the first church building was dedicated but was soon deemed too small and construction began on a new wooden structure.      
 In 1902, the old wood structure was removed and a brick building was built.  That building stood until 1975 when it was torn down so our current facility could be constructed.  There have been many changes over the years, including the construction of our educational wing and Fussell Fellowship Hall.  
In 1968, the Methodist Church merged with the
Evangelical United Brethren Church to form the United Methodist Church.  The Evangelical United Brethren church was located on the northeast corner of 10th and G Streets.  After the merger, both congregations worshiped in the Methodist church building. Eventually the old Evangelical United Brethren Church was sold and ultimately torn down.  There is still an empty lot where that building once stood.  

1902 Building

1976 Building

 Our commitment to mission and ministry is grounded in our heritage.  Our history speaks for itself.  We cannot, however, live on our history alone, nor can we stand still in the present.  If we are to be true to our past, we must work in the present to make the future of our church as vital as it has always been.  Each age assumes its own challenges and does so for the benefit of those who come after.  In this way, our history is passed on to those who come to accept it as their own.   We are thankful for the cloud of witnesses who have gone before us to pave the way, and we always welcome anyone who is looking for a church home to join us as we continue to forge a legacy in our community to the glory of God.


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